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Founded in Oakland, California in 2017, AG Consulting Group specializes in organizational development through the lens of equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Our approach is holistic and transformational. Through strategic planning, leader and team development, and tailored diversity and inclusion initiatives we help clients to effect long-lasting and meaningful change.Our tools and practices are rooted in tradition yet at the forefront of innovation. Using time-tested tools from psychology, human development, and traditional knowledge systems, alongside exciting advancements in social, neurological, and behavioral sciences, we empower clients to harness the full potential of their diverse workforce and unlock the power of an inclusive and equitable workplace.Our clients are often committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) yet find it challenging to turn these values into actionable strategies. We bridge this gap by fostering alignment, enhancing effective communication, and promoting equitable cultures. Our support enables clients to achieve their organizational goals while building powerful, inclusive, and innovative teams.Let us help you.


AGC helps clients foster accountability, authenticity, and equity. We support organizations, coalitions, social enterprises, and special interest groups to cultivate alignment and effective communication across all levels of their organization. Our interventions focus on personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural engagement to ensure long-lasting and effective transformation.Our initial engagement begins with a consultation to establish current needs and desired outcomes, followed by the development of customized solutions to support creating and preserving equity within the organization over time. Support can be offered to clients in English & Spanish.


We partner with organizations to support equity in hiring, training, organizational culture, internal communications, policy, and practices.


Offered to new and seasoned leaders, coaching and leadership development is focused on establishing and preserving equity and inclusion practices within your teams, organization, and industry. Our programs focus on three dimensions of change - cognitive, behavioral, and affective - to develop technical and pro-social skills that foster equity and move participants from awareness to practical implementation, enabling them to build and maintain powerful, inclusive, innovative teams.


This initiative-based approach is appropriate for clients seeking additional tools, communication strategies, and guidance on current and future organizational goals, campaigns, and program strategies.


Organizational & program assessments can be offered in person and virtually to help clients measure the perceived equity of both formal and informal structures within their organization and establish benchmarks and strategies for reaching goals along their journey toward equity.


Utilizing our collective experience in community-focused programs and initiatives, we analyze current programs through an equity lens. We provide feedback on hiring, training, leadership, and internal assessments to ensure that staff and members are supported no matter what gender, race, age, or abilities they express.


Our workshops help participants explore existing areas of inequity and appropriate options to support better team alignment. Training and workshops can be tailored to fit the organization's specific needs and offer various tools and practices to foster equity and inclusion. 




"Ariana's work has been invaluable for my organization! She managed several hiring processes for EBASE, resulting in the successful hiring of key staff. Ariana is resourceful, effective, and accountable. She helped us recruit an incredible pool of candidates, and provided guidance and support in assessing the candidates, leading us to hire some great folks! Anyone who has led hiring processes knows that it is time consuming, overwhelming and exhausting (and sometimes unsuccessful)! Ariana streamlined the process and made it much more manageable, effective and even enjoyable! She is very thoughtful and was attentive to our organizational needs and responsive to our feedback.
Ariana is easy to work with; along with being very funny and charming! She invests herself so deeply into the needs of her clients, and is very committed to successful outcome. We've worked with Ariana for several hiring processes now, and hope to continue working with her in the future. I tell her all the time that I don't know how we could have done it without her--- and it's true! Ariana's work was incredibly helpful and left me hopeful, and energized."
Jahmese Myers, Deputy Director, EBASE - East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
"Working with Ariana to create the container that was our end of year [strategy & planning] retreat was fantastic. Ariana was able to bring her experience, wisdom, and heart to the process of planning a retreat. I found it particularly helpful to have Ariana as a sounding board for ideas that needed tenderness and thoughtfulness to come to the surface. I feel so blessed that have her share her facilitation skills that created space for all to participate, her aesthetic and brilliance to organizing an agenda, and her commitment to building community. She's an absolute joy to build community with."
Maria Elena Allain, MPA



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